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We will finance assigned risk policies with a lower down payment and offer lower monthly payments to your customers.  This allows the agent to sell more policies and not lose the customer to a different agent down the street.

This is why captive agents from Allstate, Nationwide, Met-life and others are turning to Arizona Premium Finance Co. for help in selling assigned risk policies.  New credit and underwriting changes that require 50% down payment or payment of the full premium are making it impossible to sell policies through captive companies.  By moving those select customers to the assigned risk plan and offering premium financing with APFC, you can sell the policy, earn the sales commission and retain the customer.

Here is an example:  The New York Automobile Assigned Risk Plan requires 25% down payment and offers 3 payments.  APFC requires only 15% Down and offers 10 Monthly Payments.  With premium financing the initial down payment is lower and the monthly payments are substantially lower.

Selling assigned risk policies helps your agency earn more commissions by closing more sales.  The agency still remains the only insurance agent for the customer and the agency still can cross sell the customer other insurance products.  If you do not sell the customer an assigned risk policy, then the customer will go down the street to another insurance agent who will sell them the policy with premium financing by Arizona Premium Finance Co.  This gives the customer the low down payment and low monthly payments.

Want to learn about the assigned risk plan in your state.  AIPSO services the assigned risk market in over 40 states.  They can provide you with information on the Plan in your state.  If you need the telephone number of the assigned risk office for your state click on AIPSO. 

We will finance all assigned risk auto policies including the New York Assigned Risk Plan - NYAIP, Pennsylvania Automobile Insurance Plan - PAIP, Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan - PAARP, and New Jersey Personal Automobile Insurance Plan - NJAIP,  New Jersey Commercial Automobile Insurance Plan - NJCAIP.

To learn about offering premium financing of assigned risk business in your State, call APFC at
800-873-2732 x 140.